With the desire to respond to the growing need in pool heat pumps maintenance, we have launched a solution specially designed for the cleaning of a evaporator / condenser of the heat pump (lamellas). GridSoap® is developed as a spray and allows a heat pump to be maintained in 10 minutes without the use of mechanical tools that could damage the lamellas or other parts.
In addition, GridSoap® is biodegradable, not harmful to nature, nor to the user.

It’s no secret that a dirty evaporator / condenser clearly decreases the efficiency of a heat pump because the airflow to the fan is partially blocked. Therefore, the heat pump cannot work optimally any longer and thus reduces its efficiency. An impeccable cleanliness of the components provides not only an energy saving, it also ensures optimal efficiency and extends the lifetime of the device. In practice, the heat pump is sometimes cleaned with a high pressure cleaner, which deforms the lamellas irreversibly. Vacuum cleaners or air compressors are not powerful enough to get the dirt between the lamellas removed.

In addition, a heat pump is usually equipped with a grid or mesh, which complicates the cleaning. That’s where GridSoap® comes in.
GridSoap® can even clean the lamellas to the drainage zone of the condensing water. The protective layer that GridSoap® leaves behind also works preventively. It reduces the risk of future dirt and protects the lamellas against corrosion.

GridSoap® is available and ready for use in 0.5 liter bottles (for a device of max. 15 kW) and 1.0 l (For a device of max. 30 kW) in spray form, with a user manual in Dutch, French, German and English.